Twitter Tuesday: Hunt For Teal October


It is getting down to the wire Mariners fans. The team hasn’t been on top of its game as of late. With a record of 10-11 so far in September, the bullpen and rotation giving up runs left and right, the offense struggling, it’s looking pretty dim for the Mariners playoff chances.

The Seattle Mariners launched the #PostSEAsonHunt and we love it. But we @SodoMojoFS also launched the #HuntForTealOctober and you have been responding.

Before we get started, credit where credit is due. While I did launch the hashtag, when I searched for it on Twitter, I found this tweet:

He posted this a full week before we adopted it. Way to go! Now, we are trying to get it trending in Seattle. Many of you have already responded. So, for Twitter Tuesday today, here are some of our favorites from the past week.

Thanks. Glad you all like it. We’re pretty fond of it. We’ll get T-shirts made for next year. Yes, they will be back next year.

Yes, it’s painful to watch McClendon micro-managing the pitching staff. It’s biting him in the butt now. Of course, the offense isn’t doing the team any favors either, but the M’s are still in this thing, regardless of the recent struggles. Speaking of pitchers.

Yes, yes he is. But with a franchise-record 46 saves this season, he is OUR un-clutch, clutch closer.

And finally, we’re even getting selifies with the hashtag.

That M’s hat looks good! And the hashtag looks good on your tweet! And, I know I said finally already, but I have one more for you. And I think it sums up the feeling most Mariners fans have heading down the stretch.

That’s right Eric. They aren’t done yet. Keep your heads high. Stay True To The Blue and keep pushing your Mariners all the way to October.