Fantasy Baseball: Seattle Mariners Wildcard Sleepers

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Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the last week of 2014 Fantasy Baseball. If you are reading this, you are probably atop your league, or in really close efforts to winning it all. You’ve researched all the Seattle Mariners weekly to help you make the push to ‘championship,’ and now these final tips will carry you to the number one spot.

So what does the last week mean to you? Fantasy Baseball is not the game where you can sit back without effort. You need to run through that finish line, no matter what position you are at this time. As crucial a stretch this may be, I am going to introduce some concepts this week that are going to help you get that ring.

This first tip is going to sound odd, but stay with me here. You are going to want to sit some of your top tier position players this final week. Many of these top players are playing on teams that have clinched a playoff spot, and will either put in half the effort, or be resting on the bench.

Another tip would be to find those sleeper pitchers playing against weak teams out of contention. Yes, opposing teams want to play the ‘spoiler’ role, but this is the time of the year where good teams win and bad teams lose. Go get those pitchers on the teams that should be winning those games.

Lastly, look very closely at the Seattle Mariners. The race for both AL Wildcard Playoff spots is very close, and the Mariners are only a half game out of the post season.

The past week was pretty mediocre for Seattle. They played six total games and went three and three against the LA Angels and Houston Astros. Luckily, the other wild card teams are also losing when we lose, and winning when we win. This leaves four teams within 1.5 games of each other for the final playoff spots.

This last week will show full effort from all players on the Seattle Mariners. Let’s take a close look at three players that you should grab immediately from the free agent wire in your fantasy leagues.