Twitter Tuesday: Fan Reaction To The Beat Down In LA


The Seattle Mariners had their rear ends handed to them in Los Angeles last night. This offensive drought for the M’s couldn’t have come at a worse time.

For today’s Twitter Tuesday, we take a look at some of your reactions to the game as it was in progress. Let’s call it Overreaction Tuesday.

Yes, yes it has. After losing in heartbreaking fashion on Saturday and then getting whooped on Sunday, the last thing Mariners fans wanted to see was another butt-kicking.

But Hisashi Iwakuma had his worst outing of the season at the worst time. And the offense continues to struggle.

Yes they are. Before scoring one in the top of the 8th in Monday’s game, the Mariners had been shut out for 19 consecutive innings.

With the Royals playing good ball of late, the last thing the Mariners needed was to lay a bunch of goose eggs on the scoreboard.

Yes, yes, we know. The Mariners aren’t doing themselves any favors. We get it. Come on Mariners fans! Where is your sense of spirit? Where is your “True to the Blue”? Where is your 10th Man /Power of the 10’s mojo?

The Mariners are down right now. As long as they stay close, I argue it’s almost a good thing. Get your struggles out of the way, then get hot in the final week and ride it through October.

I don’t know if trash is the right word, but you have a fair point. Since Jack Z got his contract extension, the Mariners have gone 8-10 after going 72-59 prior to the extension.

But if anyone thinks the two are related, they are sadly mistaken. It is just a sorry coincidence.

The Mariners are not out of the playoff hunt just yet. The loss last night made things a bit more difficult, but it is not impossible. Keep the faith….for that matter, get it back. Good things can still happen for the Seattle Mariners in 2014.