What Has Happened To The Mariners?


Right now the Mariners are currently 1.5 games back for the 2nd spot in the Wild Card, but since the sweep in Boston they are lucky that they are only 1.5 games back.

The Mariners hitters right now look completely lost and for some reason, the M’s have forgotten how to hit. Their starters have been just as bad. Robinson Cano has been lost as well, hitting .250 in the last 7 games for the Mariners.

Felix Hernandez hasn’t been Felix since his streak of quality starts was broken in Detroit, Chris Young has lost his Comeback Player of the Year material but what’s worse is that manager Lloyd McClendon has been doing nothing but micro-managing the team and pushing back our starters. That doesn’t sit well with me.

Mike Zunino……UGH! I couldn’t begin to tell you all the problems he has. He tries too hard when he’s up to bat. He honestly looks like he tries to hit a home run every time he comes up and because of that, he swings at bad pitches. When he gets a decent pitch to swing at, he misses badly and strikes out.

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My opinion……bench him and just let Jesus Sucre start. Sucre has made the most of his playing time and he’s a pretty damn good defensive catcher as well.

Our bullpen seems to be the only thing the Mariners haven’t been having trouble with. Though the bad part about them is that they are exhausted. Our starters haven’t given the team a decent start in awhile and the bullpen has been putting in inning after inning to help keep our boys in ball games.

Right now even though the M’s are only 1.5 games back in the Wild Card, its looking like the Mariners may be crumbling to one of the most heart breaking ends to their season.

They are in serious danger of not making the postseason by the end of the season, and if they cant find a way to have their starters give them quality starts and their hitters hit and give ’em some runs, the M’s may just finish the season with a decent record but miss the postseason for the 13th consecutive season in a row.

Right now I’m really hoping that the Mariners are getting their bad playing out of their system and they will get better and win plenty of ball games to push their way into the postseason.

But again the Mariners need their bats to wake up and their pitchers to give them quality starts. With being on the road most of this month against AL West teams they need to win and gain ground in both the West and the Wild Card.