Jesus Montero Attacks Mariners’ Scout With Bat


It seems that Jesus Montero‘s career may be put on hold once again, except this time the cause will be something other than injuries or steroids.

Yesterday, during Single-A Everett’s trip to Boise, Montero attacked a Mariners’ scout with a bat after what can only be described as a childish jibe, according to’s Tyler Maun.

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The  unidentified scout originally heckled Montero for not getting off the field quickly enough after the end of an inning, and he followed that up by sending an ice-cream sandwich to Montero in the Aquasox dugout.

Montero, who is widely criticized for both being a major bust for whom the M’s gave up Michael Pineda and showing up to Spring Training this March 40 pounds overweight, allowed his fragility to get the better of him in the worst way.

He approached the stands with bat and sandwich in hand, and if not for Everett pitching coach Nasusel Cabrera, who restrained him, we could be looking at something much more tragic.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the entire ordeal is that Montero was not even ejected, though he remained in the dugout for the remainder of his team’s 13-8 win.

Nobody in the Mariners’ organization has commented on the event, but it would be shocking to see anything short of a major suspension for both parties, further derailing what has already been a dreadful career for Montero.

This may not nearly be the level of the 2007 Jose Offerman incident, but a ban for both player and scout for the rest of 2014  would at least show that the team will not put up with such stupidity from a player or pettiness from anyone representing the Seattle Mariners.