Can Felix Hernandez Do Something Special In Boston On Friday Night?


As a soon to be senior in Boston, it’s tough watching the Mariners sometimes. More often than not the games don’t start until 10 PM on the east coast, and I’m up at 5 or 6 every morning for work and school. Usually I can keep my eyes open for the first inning or two, but after that I’m fast asleep with my laptop precariously dangling off the side of my bed.

But then there are those glorious occasions when the Mariners play a day game. Or, better yet, when the Mariners go on an east coast roadtrip and the games start at 7 PM. I’m up and at ’em, ready for baseball.

But the absolute best times are when the schedule just works perfectly. The Boston Red Sox are playing host to the Seattle Mariners this weekend. And guess what? I have Friday and Sunday off to go watch some baseball.

And the kicker? The King himself, Mr. Felix Hernandez, is pitching on friday night. I’ll be wearing my Felix jersey, my M’s hat, and a big ol’ grin as I cruise into Fenway Park.


Today the Mariners sit 10 games over .500, and 1/2 game back of the Detroit Tigers for the 2nd Wild-Card spot. They lost two of three to the Philadelphia Phillies which really hurt them, so now it’s time for them to rally and get at the very least a series win in Boston.

That’ll start with another spectacular performance from Felix. Yes, his ungodly streak of 7+ innings pitched with 2 or fewer runs earned did end in his last start, but he is still the same Felix. What he needs, what the Mariners need, is another superstar caliber performance that devastates the Sox while giving the M’s that extra boost they need getting into the thick of a playoff race few are used to.

Robinson Cano will be key too, as he is one of the few Mariners who has seen meaningful September and October baseball games.

It will be a team effort to come. And I cannot wait to watch these guys live at Fenway. If Felix puts on a show, I’ll be chanting ‘K-K-K’ every time he gets two strikes on Big Papi.

Go M’s, let’s do as Sweet Lou Piniella told us and kick some butt and make it to the playoffs.