Umpires are against Mariners……surprised?


The last two days the Mariners have been in the middle of not only a postseason hunt but an umpire controversy.

Tony Randazzo was behind the plate Saturday when Felix Hernandez’s streak of 16 straight starts of 7+ innings of 2 or less runs allowed came to an end.

But Randazzo was to me, one of the reasons that Felix lost that game. Randazzo did not give Felix any low strikes or basically any calls.

Manager Lloyd McClendon was ejected by Randazzo in that game after having a few “choice” words for Randazzo’s calls.

At one point you even heard Felix yell “Oh come on” after not getting a called strike. Before any of this happened Randazzo gave Miguel Cabrera time while Felix was in the wind up motion.

It was this call that upset not just Lloyd and Felix but the fans. I mean Felix could have twisted his ankle on that call and it was a called time that was uncalled for and everyone knows that Randazzo had a choice to either deny or give Cabrera time.

Randazzo again on Sunday, ejected McClendon just for throwing up his hands. So here’s the question for you; “What is Randazzo’s deal with Lloyd?”.

That can easily be answered by taking a trip down memory lane. In 2005 in a game between the Yankees and the Pirates, Randazzo made a call that extended the game and was the turning point in the Yankees winning that game.

Why do I bring that game up? Because McClendon was the manager for the Pirates at the time.

Randazzo called Gary Sheffield safe on what would have been a game-ending double play. McClendon came out of the dugout pissed and fuming and was ejected. Both McClendon and Randazzo have history but Randazzo has had a history at having shady calls and a terrible strike zone.

Me, I honestly think that Randazzo is a disgrace to MLB umpires and should be fired as an umpire or demoted to the minors.

Randazzo seriously has no place in baseball with his crappy calls and even more crappy strike zone. And when you hold grudges against a manager and possibly take it out on the team he manages you have no place in baseball on calling games.

I think MLB seriously needs to look into this controversy. The umpires this season seem to be getting worse and worse and baseball needs to do something otherwise there will be more bad calls that possibly cost teams games.