Felix Hernandez: Can He Win the 2014 AL Cy Young And MVP?


The other night, I attended my first game in three years in which I had the pleasure of watching Felix Hernandez pitch. I was also in the King’s Court as well. I got to hold a huge Felix head, my bud bought me a foam crown.  I also got a Mariners hat and a “Yes We Cano” t-shirt as a prize for holding the Felix head.

But the night was not about me, it was about Felix and the Mariners putting on an electric offensive show for 41,168 fans.

Felix went out and pitched fantastically! For the 16th time in a row, Felix had another ultra-quality start and put his record to 13-3. He lowered his ERA to 1.95. Simply put, Felix isn’t human. Not this year he’s not. He’s pitching like a man on a mission, that mission is to single-handedly help his team to their first postseason in 13 years.

Frankly, Felix couldn’t give a rat’s (expletive) if he won the Cy Young or the MVP, all he cares about is three things: 1) He cares about getting the Mariners to the postseason; 2) He cares about the fans; 3) He cares about the city of Seattle and bringing home a World Series to the Mariners and the fans.

But even though Felix doesn’t care about the accolades, he’s pitching so well that he may win both awards this year. In his first and only Cy Young season, Felix went 13-12 with a 2.27 ERA. He was the first pitcher in MLB history to win the Cy Young with less then 15 wins, but the writers looked at the games he lost and determined that he would have won more games if he was given more run support. They felt he was let down all season but he wasn’t going to be let down for the Cy Young.

Right now if you were to ask me, “Who would you want to start Game 7 of the World Series? Clayton Kershaw or Felix Hernandez?” Too easy, Felix hands down!

Even though Felix hasn’t seen postseason play in his 10 years of playing, Felix lives for high stakes moments like the postseason. That game on Monday had a postseason feel to it and Felix didn’t disappoint anyone. Except maybe the couple thousand Blue Jays fans in attendance.

Right now, the only player that Felix has to contend with for the American League MVP is Mike Trout. Trout is playing like a man on fire as well. Pitching wise though, Felix has the Cy Young all but locked up. But MVP wise is going to be tricky.

In my mind Felix Hernandez right now is the American League Cy Young and MVP. You can’t overlook what he has done not just in the last 16 games, but all season long.

No pitcher in history, not even Bob Gibson in his 1968, 1.12 ERA, Cy Young/MVP season did what Felix has done this season. Sure Felix may not have pitched a complete game since August of 2012. But you know what? He doesn’t need to! Felix right now is the MVP and Cy Young in not just my eyes, but in a lot of MLB Network and ESPN analysts minds as well, (I can only assume).

With Robinson Cano added to the Mariners lineup back in in December, the M’s knew that with their young lineup and deadly five-man pitching rotation, this year was going to be their year to make the postseason.

Right now the Mariners are only a half-game back of the Tigers for the 2nd AL Wild-Card spot – since nobody enjoys helping the Mariners gain ground in the Wild Card.

But the M’s are heading to Detroit for a HUGE 3-game series against the Tigers, and with Felix due on Saturday, you know that he will look to no only go for his 17th straight ultra-quality start, but pitch as though it was Game 7 of the World Series.

Right now, Felix is not human. He’s not normal. He’s not……oh hell even Lloyd McClendon said that he’s running out of words to describe Felix. Basically, Felix is Felix, and he’s ready for the postseason. But until then, he will continue to do his part in helping the Mariners get there.