Twitter Tuesday: Fan Reaction To More Mariners Trade Rumors


Yes Mariners fans, the 2014 non-waiver trade deadline passed 12 days ago. But that doesn’t mean that the Mariners can’t still add a piece or two in time for the final push down the stretch. The trade rumors abound as we now draw nearer to the August 31 waiver deadline.

Many fans are probably thinking after last night’s win, “we don’t need anymore help” and you may be right.

After all, getting James Paxton back into the rotation was like acquiring a lefty starter at the deadline. Remember when the Mariners were linked to every David Price rumor known to man?

And, for fans looking to acquire yet another impact bat, look no further than to Michael Saunders, who will be coming off the disabled list soon. If he can stay healthy, he may be the bat the M’s need to push them over the top.

And what about the often-struggling Justin Smoak? Fans may be done with him, but what if his recent successes in Tacoma are indicative of a turnaround? Having some more flexibility off the bench is always an added bonus down the stretch.

Plus, he could be an improvement at DH if Kendrys Morales doesn’t start hitting.

But, there are some players out there that have cleared revocable waivers that the Mariners could go after if they so desired.

The Kansas City Royals just acquired Josh Willingham from the Twins. Who could the Mariners go after. You, the fans, offer up the best speculation.

Hmmmm, somehow I think that’s inaccurate. It better be a damn good bucket of cheese, that’s all I’m saying about that.

Moving on.

I really doubt that the Mariners are all that interested in Matt Kemp‘s contract. I’m sure they are interested in the player and what he could bring to the organization, but I highly doubt they want to absorb any part of that contract.

Our friends over at Emerald City Swagger want the Mariners to avoid the waiver wire altogether.

Finally, there is this statement, that I believe to be true as well. The Mariners appear to be happy with the club that they have.

And why not? With the call up of Chris Taylor, the return of James Paxton and Taijuan Walker to the rotation and Michael Saunders, Corey Hart and possibly Justin Smoak to the lineup/bench; why go digging up discarded trash off the waiver wire?

Seems like a solid plan to me. And one that many of you seem to agree with as well.