Mariners Talk to have first video podcast on Tuesday


Sunday’s Mariners Talk is was rescheduled due to me having prior plans. So this Tuesday at 7 PM PDT, Mariners Talk will be breaking new grounds.

This Tuesday, Co editor Dan Hughes, writer Jack Munden and myself will be hosting the first video Mariners Talk podcast live on Google+. Talk about breaking new grounds huh?

Tuesday, myself and the other guys will begin the show a little differently. We will be introducing ourselves since we will be on a webcam, but after that we’ll get into our Mariners weekly round up and we’ll have an extra game to go over.

We’ll also be updating you on the Mariners game for that night as our boys in blue will be playing game 2 of the 3 game series against the Toronto Blue Jays.

During our weekly round up we’ll be giving our breakdown of this past week for the Mariners and how they did in the Wild Card hunt.

We also will be going over the negatives of that week as we always do. Following the weekly round up the guys and myself will get into our always popular off-current topic.

This week’s off-current topic, we’ll be talking about the greatest playoff run perhaps in baseball history……the Mariners 1995 comeback.

Since the Mariners are in the playoff hunt its only fitting that we talk about the greatest comeback to win a division title by a team.

We’ll go into in-depth details about that season and talk about how the Mariners picked things up while down 13 game back of the then California Angels in the American League West.

We’ll talk about how certain players stepped up after Ken Griffey, Jr., went down with a broken wrist early during that season and talk about how he helped the team after his return to the team.

This off-current topic may go on for about an hour, as after we discuss Jr’s injury effect and his return, we will then get into the one game playoff, the Division Series, and then finally the Championship Series. And we’ll talk about how that season made baseball in Seattle remain in Seattle, and how Safeco Field was born thanks to that magical season.

After the off-current topic we will have a mini off-current topic. Since Lou Pinella became the 8th member to be inducted into the Mariners Hall of Fame we’ll talk a little bit about some memories we have of Sweet Lou.

After our trips down memory lane we’ll finally get into the match ups for this week.

We hope that you will enjoy the first Mariners Talk vodcast on Tuesday. Until then……GO Mariners!!!!!!