Twitter Tuesday: Trade Deadline Excitement And Reaction


This just in, the Seattle Mariners were buyers at the non-waiver trade deadline. It took until the very end, but GM Jack Zduriencik made two moves aimed at improving an anemic offense.

And while many feel that the job isn’t done and more moves need to be made if Jack Z wants to save his job, there is no denying that the moves made on July 31 were smart, calculated and were made with little given away.

Let’s take a look at some of your reactions to the build-up and then the news. First, the build-up. Some of you, including myself, were sick of hearing football talk on the radio when the deadline was so close.

Then, the news broke that the Mariners had traded Abraham Almonte and Stephen Kohlscheen to the San Diego Padres for Chris Denorfia. Denorfia may not be having a great season, but he hits left-handed pitching well and that must be why Jack went and got him.

Whatever the reasoning behind it, the move was not a flashy one and was a tough sell for a lot of fans.

Some fans liked the move, but liked the second move a little more.

In that second move, the Detroit Tigers were able to get David Price from the Tampa Bay Rays. The Mariners were the 3rd team in this deal, acquiring OF Austin Jackson from the Tigers, while sending Nick Franklin to the Rays.

The Mariners had been linked to David Price since the offseason, but the price tag was reportedly Taijuan Walker, Nick Franklin and other prospects. Considering what they ended up getting for Price, I don’t see how the M’s couldn’t have made this deal themselves.

For the most part, fans seemed to be pleased with the moves that were made. Whether or not it will result in propelling the Mariners into the playoffs is yet to be determined.

We don’t either. It certainly is a strange feeling.

That’s…..disappointing? I don’t quite know how to respond to that. I guess Mariners fans should be happy that they weren’t as disappointed this year at the deadline, but cautiously optimistic about future dealings.

And finally, there was this tweet that summed up the feelings of many who felt Jack Z should’ve done more.

True, the deadline moves didn’t come with the luster that other teams had. Oakland trading for Jon Lester, Boston getting Yoenis Cespedes, St. Louis getting Justin Masterson and John Lackey, Detroit getting David Price.

But moves were made and I still think more moves are coming. And like always, you will be there on Twitter to tell us how you really feel. And for that, we thank you.