Mariners Talk special Hall of Fame podcast


Last night, Jack and I were able to do our Mariners Talk podcast- powered by  But Co-Editor Dan Hughes was unable to join us thanks to traffic. Stupid traffic.

Jack and I were able to get a little into an off-current topic but Dan had a better idea: “Lets do the off-current topic on Tuesday?” Not a bad idea. So this Tuesday, August 5 at 7 PM PDT, Mariners Talk will have a special podcast to talk about a special topic that Dan and I got into last Sunday.

Last Sunday while we were talking about Ken Griffey, Jr., and Randy Johnson going into the Hall of Fame, we then got the idea of talking about some of the greatest players who are in or about to go into the Hall of Fame who have never won a ring. Also we will get into a talk about players who were proven to have used steroids who are about to go on the ballot.

The podcast will be going on during the Mariners/Braves game and we will be giving inning by inning updates, that way if listeners who are not listening or watching the game can know what’s going on.

First off, we’ll talk about Barry Bonds. Both Dan and I wont be seeing eye to eye on everything on that topic. I said earlier on Sunday’s podcast that Bonds put up good numbers while he was in Pittsburgh but as soon as he got to San Francisco he began hitting home runs like crazy and his arms, legs, and head blew up as well. Alex Rodriguez will also be getting shot at, don’t worry about that.

Now for the first half of the podcast we will talk about Jr, Edgar Martinez, and other players such as Ernie Banks who had tremendous careers but never got the one thing they really wanted……a World Series ring. We’ll probably name probably between 15-20 players who we truly believe that were the best that never won a ring.

Oh and a special announcement Mariners Talk is now available to download on iTunes. Just go to the Mariners Talk Talk Shoe page and click on the iTunes label to download any episode for free. We’ll see you guys on Tuesday.

Go Mariners!!!!