Mariners Talk is going to get heated on Sunday


Last week, SodoMojo Co-editor Dan Hughes and I got into a very interesting and longer than expected conversation on the Hall of Fame ballot for the next two years.

We discussed who is on the 2015 and 2016 Hall of Fame ballot and two names only peaked our interest – Randy Johnson and of course Ken Griffey, Jr. We talked about them and what the percentage of votes they will get in their first years on the ballots.

Junior of course, I think gets at least 98% if not 99% of the votes in his first year on the ballot and then I figured that the Big Unit will get at least 90-91% of the votes.

We also were talking about Edgar Martinez and how he only has five years left on the ballot thanks to the new rules. We got into how now that Frank Thomas has been inducted into Cooperstown, that Edgar may get some looks and will have a chance to get in within the five year window.

Before we got done talking about the Hall of Fame a topic was brought up that will go for what Dan called “interesting radio talk”.

This next Sunday on Mariners Talk- powered by, after we do our weekly roundup of this past week for the Mariners, we’ll talk about the greatest players that are in the Hall of Fame and those that will become Hall of Famers, that have never won a World Series ring.

We’ll then get into the players who were accused to have done steroids that are on the ballot and also future ballot players that don’t deserve a spot on the ballot.

First off, Dan and I already don’t agree on the “Barry Bonds topic” but just tune in to listen to what should be one of the longest off-current topic of the season for us.

Now, Mariners Talk would like your help as well. We would like you to comment on this post and give us your take on both these topics.

Also we would like your request on the music that we use in the show on our breaks. Now, we only use classic music and 80s to mid 2000s music and no heavy metal as well.