Mariners Plan To Use Matt Kemp As A DH


The trade rumor for Matt Kemp just got a lot more interesting. Jeff Passan tweeted out that Kemp would be a backup plan for the Mariners and that the Mariners would eventually move Kemp to the DH role.

Kemp has played 89 games in the outfield for the Dodgers and so far he’s posted a .966 fielding percentage. So why move a guy who has a great arm and good speed in the outfield to the DH role?

Oh that’s right, Lloyd McClendon enjoys using a worthless-slow Corey Hart and a lazy Stefen Romero in the outfield instead.

Look, Kemp would help out the Mariners greatly in making a run to the playoffs. He’ll bring power and speed that the M’s desperately need to help them get back into the second spot in the Wild Card.

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Kemp may have been plagued with injuries since signing his 8-year $160 million contract with the Dodgers in 2011, but he still has plenty of good stuff left in his tank.

You have to look at it this way, if the Mariners were to trade for Kemp they would have to give up possibly Taijuan Walker, Gabby Guerrero and either Austin Wilson or Tyler Pike.

In return you have a team paying most of his contract, a guy who brings that right-handed power to your lineup, and a speedy outfielder that your team desperately needs.

Look, I said that I would not like to see Walker go but if the Mariners can get a player who can help the team not only the rest of this season but in next 4-5 years as well.

Honestly, Jack Z needs to jump on this trade because he knows his job is on the line. He needs to make some moves that will help the Mariners finish at least over .500 and/or make the playoffs.

It all comes down to four more days of rumors and decisions until the July 31st trade deadline hits. It’s going to be intense to watch this trade rumor drama all unfold in these four days.

Will the Mariners make a blockbuster trade to help them in the Wild Card/playoffs run? Will Jack Z hold and risk losing his job? Again it all comes down to four more days.

Go Mariners!!!!