Mariners Talk: Talking Mariners Trade Rumors


Mariners Talk-powered by will be airing Tuesday night during the Mariners game. I know we usually are on on Sunday’s but tomorrow me and Dan will be talking trade rumors as the July 31st trade deadline is only 10 days away.

So, we will be going over several players that SodoMojo has been posting about who the Mariners will target and talk about some of the players that maybe targeted as well.

During the podcast we may get a special guest to join us to discuss his takes on the trade rumors as well.

Trade rumors wont be the only thing me and Dan will talk about, we’ll talk a little bit about the Angels series that the M’s just finished and give our take on it.

We’ll be doing live updates on the Mariners game as well for those who will be listening to the show and not the game.

The big trade rumor talk will be mostly on David Price and Ben Zobrist and how the Tampa Bay Rays will hold out and demand a lot more than expected.

This morning on MLB Network’s The Rundown the analyst talked about how the Rays will hold out and possibly ask for more than just Taijuan Walker.

Another big rumor going around is the idea of Marlon Bryd and Dominic Brown coming to Seattle. We’ll have that one covered fully and we’ll get more in depth about what both those players can bring to the team if they were to be traded to Seattle.

Also we’ll talk about the other rumored players that have been linked to the Mariners and discuss what they all can bring to the team and how they can help the Mariners make a better push for the playoffs.

Tomorrow night if you would like to call into the show be sure to call 724-444-7444 and don’t forget you need a Call ID as well and that ID is 129573#.

We hope to talk to you, the fans about the trade talk tomorrow night at 7 PM PDT.

Go Mariners!!!!!!