Should Mariners Take A Gamble On Dan Uggla?


The Seattle Mariners need one or two right handed power hitters to make a substantial playoff run this year.

With the majority of their line up being left handed hitters, tonight’s line-up consists of 7 lefties, 1 switch hitter, and 1 right handed hitter, added a power right handed bat would help balance out this lefty loaded lineup.

When it comes down to match ups, the Mariners current lineup is a managers dream late in the game.

There is one player who the Mariners might want to take a look at when it comes to filling this need and that is Dan Uggla.

Uggla was recently let go from the Atlanta Braves after posting a horrendous .162/.241/.231 triple slash in 42 games. Uggla was suspended for the final game before the All Star break for showing up to the field just one hour before the start of the game.

Uggla knows how to hit, in his first 5 seasons with the, then, Florida Marlins, he averaged .263, with a .348 on base percentage and a .488 slugging percentage.

The best season of his career happened in 2010, where he hit .287 with 31 home runs and 105 RBIs. In that off season, the Atlanta Braves traded for Uggla and resigned him in November to a 5 year, 62 million dollar extension.

Being released, the Braves owe him almost 19 million dollars over the next 1 and 1/2 years. So if any team were to sign Uggla, the team would only have to pay him the league minimum for the remaining of his original contract from the Braves.

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Since he joined the Braves, his numbers gradually declined and he went from an All-Star, to a role player, to eventually, not even a pinch hit option for the Braves.

In his time with the Braves, his average was .209 with a .708 OPS. (On base plus slugging.) His power numbers aren’t bad but when it comes down to it, he strikes out a lot, but in 9 season in the pros, he has hit 233 home runs and 690 RBIs.

With any power hitter, the chance of a strike out increases, look at Mike Zunino for the M’s.

Sometimes a change of scenery is good with a player, whether you aren’t seeing eye to eye with the coaches, or some of the players, maybe a trip cross country would be good for a player like Uggla.

Is he the answer for the Mariners? Probably not. But could he help a team with only 1 right-handed hitter in their lineup, probably.

Being able to sign a player with his power numbers for the league minimum couldn’t hurt, but I don’t see the Mariners jumping on the Uggla train.