Throwback Thursday: 5 Worst Trades in Seattle Mariners History

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Mariners Trade David Ortiz to Minnesota for Dave Hollins

Before “Big Papi” David Ortiz became the face of the Boston Red Sox, he was a young prospect looking for playing time in the Mariners organization. The Mariners clearly didn’t see what the Twins saw in Ortiz when they shipped him to Minnesota back in 1997.

Ortiz was drafted by the Mariners in 1992 amateur draft. He spent 4 years in the minors, but was never promoted to the big league ball club. Once traded to Minnesota, he struggled to play full time and was eventually dealt for a second time to the Boston Red Sox.

The rest is history. Ortiz is as strong candidate as the face of MLB. Sitting at 450 career home runs, 3 World Series titles, and one of the most beloved players in the game of baseball. He is a six time Silver Slugger Award winner and has been to nine All-Star games.

David Ortiz will be a future Hall of Famer. And worst of all, he will not be wearing a Mariners hat. I almost forgot, Dave Hollins played only 28 games for the Mariners. Not exactly the ideal trade.