Throwback Thursday: 5 Worst Trades in Seattle Mariners History

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Mariners Trade Adam Jones and George Sherrill to Baltimore for Erik Bedard

This one is a fresh wound. It still hurts a little when you touch it. Every year we draft for our fantasy baseball leagues, I get a little angry inside when I see Adam Jones picked in the first round.

This was an absolute mistake. You don’t ever trade a top hitting prospect, for a pitcher. I would be lying if I said Erik Bedard wasn’t good at the time. He was destroying teams in the East, and pitching gems against teams like the Red Sox and Yankees. But that immediately changed when he came to Seattle.

The second Bedard came to the Mariners, he immediately broke himself. He never once won more than 6 games a year, and he didn’t even play the entire 2010 season due to injury.

On the other hand, Sherrill became immediate the closer for the Orioles, and has panned out to be a solid reliever coming out of the bullpen. Adam Jones has turned out to be arguably the best all-around player in the game. Hitting for average and power, a gold glove center fielder and perennial All-Star. The Mariners wish that had this one back… badly.