Throwback Thursday: 5 Worst Trades in Seattle Mariners History

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Mariners Trade Shin-Soo Choo to Cleveland for Ben Broussard

It was pretty embarrassing watching the Mariners go after Shin-Soo Cho during this last off season. Yes, he was a high coveted free agent. But most fans don’t remember he used to be a high prospect in the Mariners organization… before we traded him.

In 2006, the Mariners shipped their young outfielder to Cleveland for Ben Broussard. Don’t get me wrong, Broussard wasn’t a terrible player. He could play the acoustic guitar like it was nobody’s business.

My issue is that the organization didn’t give Choo a chance to succeed in Seattle. He only played 14 games before they traded him.

Fast forward to present day, Choo is arguably the best leadoff hitter in the game and just signed a seven year 130 million dollar contract to play for our rival Texas Rangers. You can definitely say this didn’t pan out so well for the Mariners.