Seattle Mariners: Chatting With The Players, Ultimate Fan Interaction


Friday night before the Seattle Mariners game I had not only the opportunity to grab another batting practice baseball, but I also got to chat things up with four players, and the even though the conversations were short, it was still really cool to talk to some of these players.

The first player I got to talk to was Indians DH/1B Nick Swisher. The funny thing is that our conversation started off after he made a 360 degree play during batting practice.

The conversation started off with me saying “Ole” due to his 360 degree turn. He acknowledged my call and we began just talking about his dance moves.

Funniest part in the conversation was when I thanked him for the fantasy boost when he hit the walk-off grand slam a week ago. He responded by saying “Hey it was nothing, I got lucky”. I told him that he wasn’t lucky, he was thrown a perfect pitch straight down the middle.

I did ask him if he ever considered coming to Seattle at one point in his career and he did say that, “I would have loved to play here. I always enjoy coming to Seattle.”

“I would have loved to play here. I always enjoy coming to Seattle.” – Nick Swisher

The next player I struck up a conversation with was James Jones. Didn’t really get to talk that much to Jones as he was starting to stretch but I did mention the nickname that both a fan and we gave him.

Jones approved of the nickname “Vader” so to people who don’t agree with the nickname you can (insert unpleasantness here) since Jonesy…err….Vader likes it.

Logan Morrison was the next player I got to talk to. I told LoMo that I wanted to say I was sorry for doubting him early in the season and that he’s proved me and a lot of other doubters wrong.

He told me that it was nothing, that he’s had to deal with doubters a lot in his career.

The final player I chatted with was King Felix Hernandez. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind taking a picture and before I snapped the picture he said “cheese”. That pic of Felix was my picture of the night, even better than the fireworks.