Twitter Tuesday: Seattle Mariners Fans Sound Off


It’s time once again for Twitter Tuesday. Where we troll the Twittersphere for the best and the worst Mariners fans have to offer. Did your tweet make the cut this week?

We start off the week with a tragic story, but with it, a touching tribute.

The Seattle Mariners just so happened to be hosting the San Diego Padres the day Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn passed away after his long battle against cancer.

The clubs and fans observed a moment of silence prior to the game in a classy move to honor a classy guy.

We agree. The future looks really bright for the one we call Vader.

In Monday’s game, James Jones stole three bases becoming the 18th different player in team history to swipe three or more bags in a game.

So how about it? Any attractive male, age-appropriate Mariners fans out there want to ask this young woman out on a date to the Mariners game today? Well, I said we’d try.

Wow! That’s some inside information. Except it’s not true…..yet. Many Mariners fans hope you are right, that’s for sure. It’s not too unrealistic to expect that he would be called up soon.

After Taijuan Walker‘s most recent performance in Tacoma, one would think he appears to finally be ready to join the rotation and make his 2014 Mariners debut.

We shall see soon enough.

For those that don’t know, this is a tweet taking part in a hashtag war on Comedy Central’s @Midnight show. I don’t know if that actually ruins the movie, or makes it even more AWESOME!

Ok, we have time for one more.

Chaos indeed. But I like this kind of chaos. Don’t you?

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Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.