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Mariners Talk Podcast Preview


Well it’s getting to that day, the day of Mariners Talk podcast powered by This week, my co-host Dan Hughes will be unable to join as he was treated to tickets to tonight’s Salem-Keizer Volcanoes game (Single-A (Short) affiliate of the San Francisco Giants) for Father’s Day.

So, this week I am not going to the be the happiest Mariner podcaster on the air. The Mariners are coming off a terrible week and have been losing game after game.

Though I do have some good news to tell, for all you vintage video game lovers out there we’ll be playing two vintage video theme songs when the show begins and during the first break in the show. If there a certain song or certain type of music you would like us to play on the show please let us know by tweeting me or tweet @SodoMojoFS.

After I talk about this dismal week by the Mariners I’ll get into our always famous off-current-topic, this week I’ll be talking about the worst and best trades the Mariners have made in their franchise history.

We all know by now that the worst trade by the Mariners came from that jerk weed Bill Bavasi who decided that a star prospect in Adam Jones along with George Sherill, Kam Mickolio, and Chris Tillman for Erik Bedard, but there were some other terrible trades that the Mariners front office has made and I will be going over them.

Following that I’ll get into the trading deadline and what the Mariners could use to continue to make a push for the playoffs. I’ll discuss the certain players that I believe are big targets the M’s should consider dealing for. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that in our first segment of the show I will hand out our players of the week, player MVP of the week, and play of the week awards.

I’ll end our show as we usually do by discussing the upcoming week for the Mariners and talk about the pitching match ups and team match ups for that week and give my predictions on how well the Mariners will do in that week. If you would like to call into the show and give your opinions on the team call 724-444-7444 and put in the call ID which is 129537#. We hope you will join us tomorrow night at 7 PM PST.

Go Mariners!