Mariners Will Be Buyers At Trade Deadline

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The MLB’s trade deadline is rapidly approaching next month and the Seattle Mariners looking at what could be a potential playoff birth for the first time since 2001.

I don’t feel that the Mariners record reflects the type of up and down season we have had. I spent this week watching the M’s get swept by my least favorite team in the MLB, the New York Yankees, and became more and more confused as to how our season continues in such bi-polar fashion.

If you look in depth at our record(34-32) and the series wins we are getting, there is no rhyme or reason as to why this team continues to suffer against bad teams and play well against good teams. I am not saying that the Bronx Bombers are slouches by any means but, outside of Masahiro Tanaka, the pitchers that beat us down the last two games are bums!

Once again, the pitching is inconsistent, we are being hit by the injury bug, and our offense has been mediocre at best.

So where is the fix going to come from?

How about the M’s being buyers at trade deadline for the first time in…. ever?

It is time this franchise gives its fans something to cheer for. I am so sick of seeing more fans for the other teams in our seats. If the M’s do not make some sort of post season effort, this franchise will be pushed out of town. The M’s are 3rd place in Seattle sports fan’s eyes behind the Seahawks and Sounders. MLS in Seattle is doubling the M’s in attendance. Those statistics need to change or at least be a close.

If we want to keep our beloved franchise then we need to get in gear prior to this trade deadline and push for the postseason.

Here are a few possible targets for the M’s, some we are very familiar with: