Seattle Mariners Draft Picks Join Mariners Talk This Sunday


This Sunday at 7 PM PDT join me and my co-host, the co-editor of as well as one of the Editorial Directors of the NCAA Division at FanSided, Dan Hughes, as we discuss our usual Mariners topics on Mariners Talk – Powered by Sodo Mojo.

This week we will be joined by two of the Mariners new draft picks. Fifth round pick Dan Altavilla and six round pick Lane Ratliff will both be joining us after our first break at 7:30 PM PDT and we will be interviewing them until our next break.

During our first half hour we will discuss this past successful week by the Mariners and go over the negatives and the positives of this week. Hardly going to be any negatives for this week, so mostly positives.

Following that we will go into our interview with Altavilla and Ratliff. After our interview with the guys we will go into our always fun off-current Mariners topic of the day. This week’s off-current-topic we will be talking about the Mariners four playoff appearances and what the Mariners could have done better that would have taken them further during those playoffs.

During our off-current topic we will be talking mostly about the 1997 American League Division Series when the Mariners lost to the Baltimore Orioles 3 games to 1. Also we’ll be going in depth about the Mariners terrible 2001 playoffs when they needed to take the Indians to a full five games and then lost to the Yankees in five games in the ALCS.

The Mariners have had only two really terrible playoff appearances and 97 and 2001 were those two, and we will talk about the season that the Mariners had to get there as well and give our opinions on those seasons.

Following our off-current-topic Dan and I will go into the upcoming week for the Mariners and go over the pitching match ups, our players to watch out for, and give our predictions on how the Mariners will do that week.

We’ll also have a new topic for this podcast that we will do every week, we will be giving out our Mariners MVP of the Week. If you would like to call into the show during our first 30 minutes and after our interview with Altavilla and Ratliff call 724-444-7444 and be sure to enter the call ID 129537#.

We hope to hear from you and answer your questions, if you have any, on Sunday.

Until then, Go Mariners!!!!