MLB Draft: Top 5 First Round Draft Picks in Seattle Mariners History

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Alex Rodriguez

I know what you are thinking. How in the world is Alex Rodriguez the number two best player the Seattle Mariners have ever drafted? Well, the ‘good gone bad’ story is like something out of a Star Wars movie, but worth the adventure.

The Seattle Mariners have only drafted a #1 overall pick two times in their franchise history, and Rodriguez was one of them. Drafted number one overall in the 1993 draft, Alex was his name; and A-rod was his nickname.

Rodriguez didn’t waste any time after being drafted to make a spash in the big leagues. At the ripe young age of 18 years old, he was making his mark. He can still be seen at the bottom of “The Double” victory pile right next to Junior.

A-rod lived up to his hype, period. He was a stellar shortstop with a canon for an arm, and could hit the ball in the middle of the lineup with all the other big boys. He was the young hero the franchise needed to take them to the next level. Seattle fans loved him. Opposing pitchers hated him.

Everything changed in the year 2000. A-rod became a free agent and signed with the rival Texas Rangers at an astounding 10 year contract worth $252 million. At that point, “Pay-rod’s” character went downhill.

He began taking steroids to live up the expectations, was traded to New York Yankees, piled up a ton of offensive statistics, and is now presently suspended throughout the entire 2014 year because of his actions.

If Rodriguez’s 20 year career were to end today, he would finish with a lifetime .299 BA, 654 home runs (#5 all time), and a whopping 1,969 RBI (#6 all time). Yes, those are Hall of Fame numbers. But A-rod will never see the light of Cooperstown due to his endless cheating.

Alex Rodriguez had the natural talent to be one of the greatest of all time. It’s a shame he couldn’t play the game fair. He has become one of the most hated players of all time. Looks like the Mariners dodged a bullet with this one.