Best and Worst Tattoos on the Seattle Mariners

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Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Franklin

Franklin now has the 2nd worst tattoos on the team. That spider web tattoo on his left elbow honestly has me wondering… people get tattoos just to get them? If so then there could have been a better choice than a spider web on your elbow.

Franklin made his “fan’s begging for his call up” debut last year. In just his third game he hit his first two big league home runs and Mariners fans were thinking that “this is the player we’ve been waiting for”.

Unfortunately Franklin didn’t have the greatest 2nd half of the 2013 season where he only batted .194 during the 2nd half and he struck out 77 times.

Franklin though is hoping, since being called up for the second time this year, to be the hitter the Mariners want him to be.