Possible June Call Ups For The Seattle Mariners


With only five days left in the month of May you start to wonder about a couple players who could be sent down and think about the possible June call ups for the Mariners. So far the Mariners have two main starters that are hitting bellow the Mendoza line, Stefen Romero and Brad Miller.

After today’s win against the Angels Romero went 0-4 with two strikeouts and put his average down to a very pathetic .194. Miller has been on the bench the past couple games but he still cant seem to really figure out what is wrong with his swing and himself.

Basically both of these make me want to acted like that guy off of Happy Gilmore, with me saying “Hey Brad and Stefen. You guys SUCK!”, and then of course they would tell me to shut the hell up but that’s not the point. Some of the guys on both 950 KJR and 710 ESPN Seattle say that it would Miller no good to go to Tacoma since they pitch different so he’s going to have to work things out up here.

So let’s get on Romero then. Romero really just cant seem to figure out anything and I do believe that going back to Tacoma would do him some real good.

But who to call up for Romero? Well, there’s Xavier Avery who the Mariners got in a trade last year who’s been tearing the cover off the ball in Tacoma. There’s also second basemen Ty Kelly who could get a call up for Nick Franklin since Franklin cant hit……AGAIN.

Finally there’s the “most popular amongst the fans for a call up” Chris Taylor. Now, granted if Taylor was to be called up it would be after his injured finger was fully recovered.

All of these players are all perfect candidates for a potential call up in June and we may see these call ups happen…..that is if Jack Z is smart enough to realize it. If you missed last night’s Mariners Talk podcast, powered by SodoMojo.com here is the audio recording for your listening pleasures.