Mariners Podcast: Tune In Sunday For Mariners Talk


Its Sunday again and you all know what that means? That’s right its time once again for our Mariners podcast, Mariners Talk, powered by This Sunday’s show will be starting at the same time as usual, 7 PST.

If you would like to call into Mariners Talk just dial 724-444-7444 and then dial 129537# to join in as a guest, make sure to watch for SodoMojo’s tweet for the link to join the podcast.

The Co-Editor of as well as one of the Editorial Directors of the NCAA Division at FanSided, Dan Hughes will be joining me as my usual co-host and 710 ESPN Seattle’s Gary Hill could be joining us again as well.

This week on Mariners Talk we again will be discussing the week in review for the Mariners and will be talking about the positives and negative of this past week.

Our off topic this week will be talking about Mariners former prospects who never reached their full potential. There are going to be a lot of names in that category but we’ll try to keep it to a minimum of five players.

After our week review and off topic we’ll go in depth to the upcoming week for the Mariners and will discuss the match-ups for next week.

During that discussion we will also be talking about our players to watch for for the upcoming week for the Mariners. We’ll then give our predictions for the upcoming week as well.

Before we finish the podcast we’ll go into talking about the minors for the Mariners and possible signings for the Mariners as well.

In case you missed last week’s podcast, you can catch it in it’s entirety in the player below. Hope you tune in tomorrow. Go M’s!