Top 5 Mustaches In Mariners History

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Number 1.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Brendan Ryan, Former Mariners Shortstop

And finally at number one, Brendan Ryan. One of the best defensive shortstops the Mariners have ever had. Unfortunately for him, his mustache outplayed him during his time in Seattle, which was one of the only reasons he stayed as long as he did.

Ryan’s facial hair made SportsCenter more times than any other Mariners player in 2011.

Twas the most masculine mustache in all of the AL West, striking fear into the opponents hearts.

Rumor has it that Ryan’s facial hair was the reason he struck out over 240 times in two seasons with the Mariners.. opposing pitchers made sure they got him away from homeplate as quickly as possible to keep from urinating on themselves.