Seattle Mariners Top-10 Games In Team History

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5. Edgar’s game against the Yankees in the 95 ALDS (October 7, 1995)

With their backs against the wall trailing 2 games to 1, 1 game from elimination Edgar Martinez helped Seattle send the 1995 American League Division Series to Game 5. Edgar blasted two home runs including a grand slam in the bottom of the eighth inning off Yankees closer John Wetteland. Martinez had a Mariners playoff record 7 RBIs. This game was just another example of the Mariners “Refuse To Lose” attitude in 1995.

4. 8 run comeback on the Blue Jays (April 11, 2011)

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Most Mariner fans would question this game in my top 10 but this game is one of the greatest games I ever had the honor of being there live to watch. I have this at number 4 because I won $300 that night.

After Felix Hernandez was pounded by the Blue Jays my friends wanted to leave but I said no they are going to comeback and win this game. They said if that happens we’ll all give you $100 each. So, in the bottom of the seventh inning the M’s got their first run of the ballgame and then in the bottom of the eighth the M’s scored 5 more times. So my friends are looking at me and are thinking they may have to pay me.

In the bottom of the ninth Luis Rodriguez hit a walk off 2-run double to finish off one of the greatest comeback’s in Mariners history and give me the quickest $300 ever.

3. The Double (October 8,1995)

This game is the pinnacle of the Mariners baseball. The greatest playoff game in Mariners history, and my first playoff game to. At 5 years old it was just the greatest experience of my young life.

Edgar doubling down the left field line scoring Joey Cora and Jr to send the Mariners to the American League Championship Series. Its honestly hard to describe this game because everyone knows of just how important and how memorable this one playoff game was to this team and to the city.

The Kingdome that day to me felt like it was going to collapse because everyone was jumping up and down. And I think that had to be the loudest game ever played in Seattle sports history.