Seattle Mariners: What To Watch For This Weekend

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5- The End of the Long Road on the Road

After starting the season with 27 of the their first 45 games on the road, and no homestand longer than seven games, the Mariners return home for some Safeco love after this road trip.

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Not only that, the Mariners return home for an 11-game homestand and spend 25 of the next 37 games at home. Plenty of time to improve on that 8-10 record at home to start the season.

If the Mariners can go on a run while they are at home, let’s say winning 18 of the 25 games (not unreasonable), they will improve their home record to 26-17 (about where it should be) and this team could potentially be right in the thick of the AL West race as the calendar turns to July.

But they have to win at home. The last time they had a winning record at home was in 2009 when they went 48-33 at Safeco and 85-77 overall. And with they way they are playing on the road, this team could be right in the mix come September, if they can get anywhere near that kind of home record.

That’s it. Those are my Top-5 things to be looking ahead to for this weekend. What’s yours?