Ranking the Mariners by Baseball Beards

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Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


There should never have been any doubt about this one. Seeing Derek Norris step up to the plate last night was a thing of beauty. Men and women everywhere swoon when he walks into a room. The A’s have beards galore down there, Deric Barton has one, Josh Reddick used to have a beauty of a beard, but it’s been shaped up a little bit.

But what really bugs me is John Jaso. This is a guy who had high Santa-Claus-Potential, but when he shaved it all off this season and instantly became less intimidating.

Grade: A- (they would have a solid A+ here, but too many guys gave in to their wives and shaved it off)

There you have it M’s fans. Beards are back, and there’s even more out there to be proud of (or fear…Brian Wilson). If we could convince Lloyd McClendon to grow a Wedge-sque handlebar, then we would be in business.