Michael Saunders, Offense Has Fueled The Seattle Mariners On Hot Streak


Mandatory Credit: Lance Iversen-USA TODAY Sports

Right now the Mariners are on a terrific streak during the last week and a half. Since the walk off win against the Houston Astros the Mariners have gone 8-2 and in 7 of those games we have seen Michael Saunders lead off…….seeing the connection?

Look, Abraham Almonte may have led off in three of those 10 games but since Saunders has been put in the lead off spot he’s raised his batting average from .176 to an astounding .274.

Saunders has raised his batting average by nearly 100 points in just 7 games and along with him hitting well the whole team has somehow also been hitting just as well.

Now Kyle Seager has raised his batting average from .156 to .218. Now, that may not look like a great batting average but in this 10 game streak, Seager has an average of .317.

The M’s have also had clutch hits when they really have needed them during these last 10 games. Mike Zunino had his 4 game hit performance against the Yankees and came up with a big 2-run home run against the Astros.

Oh yeah, back up catcher John Buck had himself a game in the series finale against the Astros as he had 3 big hits that were a big part of the win against the Astros.

Now lets talk about Stefen Romero shall we? What can you say about the Oregon State alumni, other than “WOW!”?

Romero has suddenly really found his stroke and in his last 10 games he has posted a .306 batting average raising his season average to .255.

Romero also homered for the first time in his big league career last night against the Athletics.

I was one of the first people on Twitter that tweeted that Romero should be sent down, and since then he’s really proven me wrong.

If you remember Romero started the spring training 0-17 and then went on a hitting tear, so I guess he’s just doing the same this season…….I’m not complaining anymore.

Justin Smoak has also been doing his part, even though he’s only batting .243 he’s batted .263 in the last 10 games for the Mariners.

Basically its been the guys who we have been dogging most of the season that have really contributed the most.

Now, the only guy who really needs to step things up a little more is Brad Miller. Miller may have 4 hits in the last 4 games but he still looks like he’s just too uncomfortable at the plate and still swings at those “why they hell did you swing at that?” pitches.

Other than that the Mariners are back at .500 despite having an early 8 game losing streak last month.

Overall I cant complain about the way the Mariners have been winning ball games and for also having some clutch pitching from the bullpen.