Dan Patrick To Host Sports Version of ‘Jeopardy’


Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

You know you do it. You watch Jeopardy. But beyond that, you sit there yelling out answers to questions, or should I say, yelling questions to answers. And as baseball fans, we eagerly await the round where there is a sports category, if there is one.

It’s pretty rare to not only have a sports category, but a baseball one. And I doubt there has ever been a Seattle Mariners category.

Your wait is almost over. According to Cleveland.com plans are in the works to have Dan Patrick host a sports version of the famous game show. The show will begin this fall on Crackle, a Sony-owned digital service available on mobile devices and services such as PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV and Roku.

In addition to the airing of the show, there will be a downloadable app that will enable viewers to play along on a 2nd screen. So we here at SodoMojo started thinking about what possible answers we could see on a sports-themed Jeopardy, as it relates to the Mariners.

Here are some of the ones that came up.

Mariners for $100: Having played all of their games here prior to the 1999 season, this former home of the Mariners was imploded on March 26, 2000.

Mariners for $200: Despite having his brother and father on the team, this other Griffey never made it out of the minors.

Mariners for $300: The Seattle Mariners and this team have never appeared in a World Series.

Mariners for $400: Besides Jackie Robinson‘s #42, it is the amount of numbers retired by the Seattle Mariners.

Mariners for $500: He was the only player to have played for both the Seattle Pilots and Seattle Mariners.

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