Seattle Mariners Home Opener: Tips & Tricks

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Go early and explore the ballpark

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Safeco Field is one of the most beautiful ballparks I’ve been to, though I’ll admit I haven’t been to as many as I’d like. There’s lots for the family to do, and hopefully the weather will hold out and the roof will be open. There’s a lot of neat stuff to be seen around the diamond, and if you’re early enough, you can catch the end of batting practice and hopefully go home with a free souvenir. (Protip: I’ve had some success in getting baseballs in Edgar’s Cantina, but along the right field foul line is also a decent ball recovery location). Here’s some things you should check out before the game starts.

The gates to The Pen open earlier than the rest of the gates, go to the left field staircase (where those gigantic pictures of Cano and Felix hang), and walk further to the left, there’s a small door there that you can use to get in.

Behind the third base line, near the home plate entrance is the Mariners Hall of Fame. There’s lots of cool memorabilia behind those food stands, and it’s usually not crowded because it’s a little bit hidden away. During the game there is a bar back there that has the shortest lines for beer.

Right beside the Mariners Hall of Fame is a photo opportunity where you can climb the outfield wall and take a home run away. Lots of fun for kids, though grown ups will love this one too.

Right above The Pen is a kids area where you can take your kid to enter coloring contests, play speed pitch and meet some mascots (when they’re not touring the stadium). Bonus: While you’re at The Pen, check out the cheap happy hour beers.

If the roof is open, be sure to head to the upper deck and get a view of the city. I find the best views are from the first base side so that you can look over the city, but in the left field corner is the Lookout Landing, which gives you a view of the Sound too.