Mariners Rumors: Bringing Back Ichiro?


Mar 16, 2014; Tampa, FL, USA; New York Yankees right fielder Ichiro Suzuki (31) hits a single during the second inning against the Atlanta Braves at George M. Steinbrenner Field. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle P.I. ‘s Ari Liljenwall posted today that the EVIL EMPIRE (New York Yankees) are, according to, shopping Ichiro around.  They are perhaps even willing to pay part of his $6.5 million salary.

Would this be a beneficial, or even an intelligent move for the M’s?

Ichiro hit .262 with seven home runs and a .639 OPS last year, and he’s hitting .225 so far this spring.  His decline is fairly epic considering his career .319 career average.

According to the P.I. poll 39% (1742 of you) believe this move would be bad and prefer to focus on developing our young players.  35% (1562) say bring him back to finish his career in Seattle (Ken Griffey Jr, anyone?) and 16%, or 723 people, say only if the front office can get a sweet deal.

I don’t think there is a sufficient upside to the move.  If Corey Hart continues to struggle in right field, Logan Morrison looks poised to take over.  The Natural, Dustin Ackley appears settled in as the daily left fielder, and between Abraham Almonte and Michael Saunders should have a lock on the CF and fourth outfield spot.  I know…looks…appears…should…a lot of hypotheticals.

I would prefer to let the young guys play, and cultivate the minor leaguers who are close.  I just cannot justify the addition as any potential benefits, like leadership, are far outweighed…at least in my humble opinion, by the message the move would make.

There is sufficient leadership on this team, with Robbie Cano, King Felix, and others. To part with one of our prospects is not worth it.  Unless they want Jesus Montero back.  And they would throw Michael Pineda in.

That’s a move that would help the team.

What say you?