The Fernando Rodney Fiasco


Mar 12, 2014; Peoria, AZ, USA; Seattle Mariners relief pitcher Fernando Rodney (56) pitches against the Chicago Cubs at Peoria Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Signing Fernando Rodney was a good move, I believe.  We need a closer, someone with experience, and if they happen to be intimidating then so much the better.  Then he pitched.  I wonder if the M’s bothered to have him work out, of simply signed him off of his reputation and highlight reel.  I mean, I am sure someone, somewhere worked him out, I just don’t know what they saw.

In four games so far, Rodney has a line of 3.0 innings, 7 hits, 6 runs, (all earned), 1 walk, 2 k’s, 2 hbp’s, a 2.667 WHIP, and an ERA of 18.00.  That projects to a whopping 21.0 hits/9 innings.  I am thankful he is not a starter.

Look, I know it’s spring training and numbers don’t really matter.  However it is not the numbers that worry me.  According to Rodney, his ejection on Saturday was the result of a young umpire with a quick hook. I watched the disputed pitch and ejection, and I am sorry, Mr. Rodney, you showed up the ump.  For 30 seconds you stood on the mound, holding your arms out.  You jawed and cajoled, and when Umpire Adam Hamari warned you to stop, you kept at it.

As reported by our own Dan Hughes, I also think the pitch was low.  Regardless, Rodney needs to know you don’t show up the ump…not in Spring Training, not ever.  All it get’s you is run from the game.  Despite his pitching woes thus far he does the team absolutely no good in the clubhouse.

We all know he has attitude.  Fire is good, but dumb fire burns seasons to the ground.  My advice?  Turn your hat the right way, stop worrying about other people and do your job.  It’s like I tell my 10 year old son, you cant control what other people do or say.  All you can control is what YOU do and say.  So work fast, change speeds, and throw strikes.  The rest will work itself out.

If you want to wear your hat sideways, I couldn’t care less…as long as you are pitching like a closer.  So far, you seem to have dropped the letter “C”.