2014 NL East Preview And Predictions

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Welcome fans to what is for me, an annual tradition. But for the first time, I bring it here to SodoMojo. I have been making annual MLB predictions since 1991. I kept them in a journal when I was younger, but for the last ten years I have brought it to whatever blog I was keeping at the time.

Last year I introduced a new formula for determining my predictions and it had mixed results as I was only within +/- 4 wins on six clubs. Yes, I not only predict the place a team will finish, but I predict the won-loss record as well.

This year, I tweaked my formula (a personal secret) in hopes of gaining additional accuracy and trusted my gut more. To assist me this year in my blog posts, I have enlisted the help of writers/editors from each MLB site on FanSided.

Where will Cano’s Mariners finish in 2014? Find out Mar. 18. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

I asked each of them to answer four questions in regards to their team. The four questions are: 1) Why will this team exceed expectations this year? 2) Why will this team fail to meet expectations this year? 3) Look for the team to make “this trade” at some point this season. 4) Watch out for the emergence of “this young prospect”.

Those sites I did not hear from in time to post, I will give a general statement that justifies my reasoning. I will preview each team, a division at a time. The schedule looks like this:

Today: NL East Preview
Mar. 6: NL Central
Mar. 9: NL West
Mar. 12: AL East
Mar. 15: AL Central
Mar. 18: AL West (Had to save the Mariners for last for dramatic effect)
Mar. 21: Playoff and award predicitons

So without further adieu, let’s take a look at the National League East and how it think it will look at season’s end.