Seattle Mariners Sign John Buck


Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

After a few quiet weeks around the holidays, the Mariners did something notable today (well, allegedly anyways,  we’re still waiting on confirmation from the team).

Twitter was abuzz today with news that the Mariners have signed catcher John Buck to a one year, $1 Million dollar deal.

Like I said, the team has yet to confirm any of this, and we will likely wait a few days before he clears a physical and some room is freed up on the 40 – man roster.

John Buck has been well traveled during his 10 years in the MLB. In 2013 he played with both the Mets and the Pirates where he hit for a combined .219/.285/.362. Not half bad for a catcher, and he could prove to be a good guy to bat deep in the lineup.

This certainly raises some questions about who will be spending the majority of time behind the plate for the upcoming season. The general consensus is that Jesus Montero might be moving over to DH for the new season, and Mike Zunino might be resigned to taking lessons from a seasoned veteran catcher like Buck.

Stay tuned to SodoMojo for Dan’s analysis of the John Buck signing and what impact that will have on the rest of the roster.