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Robinson Cano’s Contract: The Other Story

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Eight Year Deals

Manny Ramirez– Manny was being Manny in Boston from age 29 to 36. In those years, Manny was earning his big payday. But in the years after he left Boston, his production dropped significantly and he was out of baseball (to avoid a drug suspension) by the time he was 40.

Mike Hampton– How could I forget about Hampton? Perhaps THE worst contract for a pitcher…..ever. Hampton was 28 when he signed his 8-year deal with the Colorado Rockies. I know I said Brown and Zito were the worst but……Hampton was 21-28 with a 5.75 ERA in the first two years of the contract. He was then traded to the Atlanta Braves and after two so-so seasons, he missed most of 2005, all of 2006 and 2007, and over half of 2008 due to injury.

Alfonso Soriano– Soriano is entering his 38-year-old season in 2014. We’ll see if he maintains his 30+ homer, 100+ RBI pace.

Miguel Cabrera– As I’ve said before, I will not fault teams for offering long-term deals to young players. Cabrera was 25 when he signed his 8-year deal.

Mark Teixeira– Teixeira missed almost all of 2013 due to injury. He will be 36 in the contract’s final year (2016). I’ll reserve judgement after I see how he rebounds in 2014.

Matt Kemp– Signed an 8-year deal at age 27. Missed a significant amount of time in 2013 due to injury and is now the subject of trade rumors.