Epic Baseball Fans’ Journey Comes To Seattle


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It’s the dream of just about every diehard baseball fan. Getting the chance to see a game in every Major League ballpark.

But what if you had the opportunity to have an epic summer road trip, in which you saw a game at all 30 MLB parks in 30 consecutive days? That’s exactly what Griffin and Joe are doing. They are on Day 27 of their 30 day journey across America and on Saturday – Day 28 – the duo arrives in Seattle for James Paxton’s Major League debut.

This journey which began August 11 in Kansas City has taken them 12,565 miles back and forth across the country by the time they reach Seattle.

They are documenting their journey on their blog – 30 Games in 30 Nights. There you can read about each game, each city, each leg of the journey. You can also send them messages, maybe find out where at Safeco they will be Saturday night. You can also choose to donate to their cause, if you are so inclined.

So check out their site, read up on all of their adventures. Look at all of the pictures of them posing with various statues. Who knows, you may even run into them at Safeco Saturday night. If you do, buy them a hot dog, a beer, some nachos. They need all the fuel they can get because when the game is over, they have an 808 mile drive down to San Francisco for a 1:05 pm PDT first pitch.

On second thought…..don’t buy them a beer. Good luck guys and God Speed.