SoDo Memo – Mariner Links – 30 August


Mar 19, 2013; Peoria, AZ, USA; Seattle Mariners starting pitcher Felix Hernandez (right) watches from the bench during the second inning against the San Francisco Giants at Peoria Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe it’s the grueling humidity, the monsoon-caliber rains (Forrest Gump would call this ‘big ‘ole fat rain), or the infrequent lightning strikes I’ve been hearing all afternoon; but something has me feeling dejected about the Mariners right now.

Oh, that’s right….it was the 0-for-6 that they posted this week at home!!!

Safeco was a cruel mistress to the Mariners this week, as any momentum they had built up had all but evaporated by Wednesday. A homestand that featured two Felix starts ended with only two Mariners runs. It was a week we would all just as soon forget. So, on to the links!

Mariners Links

Tijuan Walker’s awaited debut Friday – News Tribune

By far the biggest news this week is that Taijuan Walker is going to be making his MLB debut on Friday in Houston. After taking over the recently DFA’d Harang’s spot in the rotation. Walker is the best prospect in baseball right now, and there’s sure to be a lot of hype around his start this weekend.

Taijuan Walker To Make Life More Interesting – USS Mariner

Walker is also on an inning’s limit this season, so he’ll be limited in the amount of pitching we’re really going to see from him this year. He could come out and dominate, fizzle, or something in between. Jeff Sullivan takes a look at what Walker really means to the Mariners at the end of the season.

In roster limbo, Morse not in Lineup – Seattle Mariners

Michael Morse was claimed off of waivers by the Baltimore Orioles on Thursday. While it remains to be seen what exactly will happen with Morse, there’s no shortage of speculation about what it means to the club. Morse took the night off on Thursday night in Houston, Wedge calls it a regular off day for Morse, but as per usual, we are all reading into what that means.

Despite recent progress, Mariners still face a trio of issues this offseason – The General’s Orders

Now that Zduriencic is back for at least another year, we know that there will be some off-season moves that will leave some of us cheering (and others scowling). The Mariners need to shake something up a bit, but what exactly do they need to do? Where should their focus be going into 2014?

Bullpen Decisions in Walk-Off Losses – The Good Guys Sports Blog

After the devastating and painful balk call that cost the M’s the game this week, lets take a look at some other, equally painful losses the Mariners have chalked up this season. Andrew Long put together a list of walk-off losses that we’d all sooner forget.

Ackley Links

Ackley featured pretty prominently in a bunch of different blogs this week. Maybe it’s the beard, or maybe its the fact that he totally doesn’t suck that bad anymore.

Is Ackley For Real, Or Just Teasing Us Again? – West Coast Bias

Dustin Ackley has been a pleasant surprise for the M’s since the All-Star break. He’s batting a more comfortable .330/.361/.473, which is making us all happy again. I’m impressed with how he’s been playing, and he looks comfortable in center field. I think we’re all hesitant to declare him back at %100 again, because we’re all too scared of what will happen when we get too complacent with our second basemen.

Dustin Ackley is probably violating the pine tar rule – Lookout Landing

Scott Weber took a look at what’s making Ackley so much better these days, and using some pretty slick math he determined it’s pine tar. Yup, pine tar. Maybe someone should have pine-tarred Morse’s bat too.