By the numbers: Red Sox series


Well, that one hurt.

The Mariners just completed a brutal four-game home series against the American Leagues’ best team, the Boston Red Sox, and escaped with numerous battle scars, not the least of which was the complete loss of the ability to pitch. Just how bad was the Red Sox series? Here’s a numerical look at the carnage.

34 – runs allowed by the Mariners in the four game series. That’s the most runs the M’s have given up in one series in the entirety of 2013. And this is a team that doesn’t have a sweep and that has had some really bad series. In that four-game sweep against Cleveland, probably the worst Mariners series in recent memory, the Indians still only scored 27 runs. The fact is that the Mariners pitched like crap for the majority of four games and it cost them dearly.

30 – The Mariners scored 30 runs in the series! If you had come to me and told me the Mariners would average 7.5 runs a game in a series and lose three of four, I would have punched you in the face for such a sick joke. What the hell happened for three days? In case you couldn’t put two and two together, that’s far and away the most runs Seattle has scored in a series all season. What a waste.

3 – homers off of Hisashi Iwakuma on Tuesday. You look at the names (David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, Mike Napoli) and it’s like, well, that’s not too bad. Those are all great hitters. But then you see Iwakuma has given up ten homers in his last for starts, and it looks much worse. Iwakuma flat out has a home run problem and it’s rapidly catching up to him after his fantastic start to 2013. It was extremely disconcerting to see him waste away a four run lead in the span of an inning like he did. He could be enjoying a heavy dose of regression to the mean, which would be a hard pill to swallow for the somewhat resurgent M’s.

Dude can hit. Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

8 – hits by David Ortiz in the series, all in the first three games. The Mariners just couldn’t get Papi out, and that’s a big reason why the Red Sox were able to tack on so many runs. Ortiz drove in four, scored seven times and walked thrice in a dominating series effort. He also hit two homers. The guy’s still a machine.

21/30 – Here’s a ridiculous stat that makes me want to punch a wall. Charlie Furbush has inherited 30 runners from other pitchers this season. Of those 30, 21 of them have scored. That’s almost 70 percent! Seventy percent of the runners Furbush inherits he allows to score! That’s horrifying! The starters (and other relievers) better not be buying him dinner anytime soon, because he’s KILLING their ERAs. Furbush let both of the runners he inherited from Erasmo Ramirez in yesterday’s fifth inning score. That tied the game at 7 until the tenth.

8.74 – the Mariners starter ERA in the series. I don’t really even need to discuss this, do I? I mean, this includes a great seven inning start by Felix Hernandez. It’s still that bad. Thanks Iwakuma, Harang and Ramirez. At least Joe Saunders starts tonight. Woof.

The Mariners need to bounce back before the All Star Break, and have a chance to do so against the Underperforming Angels of Ana-shame. That wasn’t funny, but you get it. A sweep would be nice. Game starts at 7:10 tonight.