Knock the Halos Off the Angels


With solid play, tremendous pitching and even some excitement since the All-Star break, the Seattle Mariners have rescued their season and are almost competitive. They have had winning records the last two months, which is encouraging to us all. But this last month is critical. Here is what must happen to close the season properly.

Keep winning at Safeco. The Mariners have eighteen home games. They must win ten of them. A final month losing record at home would be a terrible way to end this year.

Knock the Angels out of the playoffs. There are nine games remaining with the Angels who were predicted to compete with Texas for the division crown. Instead, their high payroll and splashy off-season signings have them trailing Texas and Oakland. Seattle needs to knock the halos off the Angels and keep them out of the playoffs. If the Angels miss the playoffs, or even better if the Mariners could overcome them and have the Angels finish in last place-a not too wild of a dream-then the Angel franchise would be in turmoil for all the off season. I personally would love every minute of that. The Mariners must go 7-2 or 6-3 against them. If the reverse is true and the Angels beat up on Seattle, it could be a major setback and wash away all the progress and hope of the last two months.

Beat up Oakland and knock them out of the wild card, too. Again, six games left with the A’s. The Mariners could do that team great harm by going 4-2 against them.

At least split the last six with Texas, to send the message that the Mariners will not be the step-child of this division next year and beyond.

Score some damn runs for Felix, so he can get the Cy Young Award he deserves.

Steal some bases for once. Why does Wedge keep waiting for the big inning which rarely happens? Go Guti, Go Saunders, Go Trayvon, Go Ackley, Go Ryan….Run at every opportunity which this team should have been doing all year. The team only has 89 steals. Oakland has 102 and the Angels have 105, even powerful Texas has 83. This team needs to use its speed.

Treat these last 30 games as playoff games. They have four off-days this month so use the bullpen often.

Play John Jaso and Jesus Montero every game. Please, no more Olivo as the DH for heaven’s sake.

Have a winning record for September, which would be the third consecutive month with a winning record.

Every player should play as if their job and future is on the line. This is a critical month for individuals and the franchise as a whole. Safeco needs some exciting nights this month.

A losing month, especially too many losses at Safeco, would be very disappointing for the fans who have been encouraged somewhat the last few weeks.  To return to the weak-hitting, losing team again with this favorable schedule would be a huge step backward. However, finishing over five-hundred and on a high note would be an acceptable step forward.