Go to the Mariner Game TONIGHT!!!


If you are a Mariner fan, and I’m guessing that you are since you are reading a Seattle Mariner blog, this is my plea to you to attend the Mariner game tonight.

For those of you who don’t know, the Mariners are honoring Felix’ accomplishment tonight by expand the King’s Court

into the entire stadium. The first 34,000 thousand fans, which is about 75% of total capacity, will receive yellow Felix shirts. Between the sea of yellow in the stands, the six game winning streak the Mariners are currently riding, and the electricity of any Felix start, tonight’s game should have an atmosphere that Safeco Field has not seen in over a decade.

For tonight, Seattle will be a baseball town once again, and it is important for each and every Mariner fan to be a part of it.

The next reason that all of us should go to the game tonight is to thank King Felix. Our king brought the city of Seattle a thrill and an experience unlike anything we have witnessed in a long time. Our city, community, and fanbase really needed this jump-start, and Felix delivered. Hernandez has also stated several times how happy he was that he could throw his perfect game at home in front of the crowd. Our city means a lot to Felix, and he means a lot to us. This is our chance to demonstrate the magnitude of what Felix has done for Seattle and for the fans.

Just in case you needed another reason to attend the game tonight, tickets are ridiculously cheap. Upper deck tickets have dipped from $18 down to $10, and lower bowl seats have dropped from up to $80 to just $30. This really is a great deal. If you have been avoiding going to games because of the cost, now is your night to finally see the Mariners play.

I already have my tickets behind home plate on the 300 level, but there aren’t too many left, so I encourage you to grab your tickets quickly from Mariners.com. Get off work, grab your wife/husband/son/daughter/girlfriend/boyfriend/friend/enemy/neighbor/ roommate/etc., head out to the game, get a shirt, cheer on Felix, and take part in something really special to the city. This opportunity and this atmosphere probably will never take place again.