Where We Go From Here


The trade dealine snuck right up on us, tantalizing fans with dementia and halucinations of promising additions to a uneventful baseball team. Regardless of the deals that were or weren’t there, or the demands of our General Manager, we are were we are, and we walk away from it with the putrid taste of disapointment. The big deal never materialized and while I aplaud the Mariners fornot making a move for the sake of making a move, it still doesn’t fill the void. The trade dealine was dissapointing.

So where does Seattle go from here. Most of the players that have been placed on waivers at this point have made it through or have been claimed. It isn’t likely that we are going to catch on impact bat through the August waiver period. Unfortunately for the impatient, the Mariners will have to wait until the offseason to make any moves.

Here is a chart of the teams outlook next season.

Seattle MarinersOption Number 1Option Number 2Option Number 3Option Number 4Option Number 5
Starting 1Felix HernandezN/AN/AN/AN/A
Starting 2Jason VargasN/AN/AN/AN/A
Starting 3Erasmo RamirezBlake BeavanDanny HultzenHector NoesiN/A
Starting 4Blake BeavanDanny HultzenHector NoesiFree Agent/ TradeJames Paxton
Starting 5Danny HultzenHector NoesiFree Agent/ TradeJames PaxtonAndrew Carraway
CatcherJohn JasoJesus MonteroFree Agent/ TradeFree Agent/ TradeN/A
1st BaseFree Agent/TradeJustin SmoakMike CarpDustin AckleyJesus Montero
2nd BaseDustin AckleyKyle SeagerN/AN/AN/A
Short StopBrendan RyanFree Agent/TradeNick FranklinCarlos TriunfelN/A
3rd BaseKyle SeagerFree Agent/TradeAlex Liddi Vinnie CatricalaNate Tenbrink
Right FieldCasper WellsMichael SaundersEric ThamesCarlos PegueroDaren Ford
Center FieldFranklin GutierrezMichael SaundersN/AN/AN/A
Left FieldEric ThamesFree Agent/ TradeDaren FordCarlos PegueroFree Agent/ Trade
Relief CorpsCharlie FurbushN/AN/AN/AN/A
Relief CorpsLucas LuetgeMauricio RoblesN/AN/AN/A
Relief CorpsShawn KelleyChance RuffinN/AN/AN/A
Relief CorpsOliver PerezForrest SnowN/AN/AN/A
Relief CorpsCarter CappsLogan BawcomN/AN/AN/A
Relief CorpsStephen PryorN/AN/AN/AN/A
CloserTom WilhelmsenStephen PryorCarter CappsN/AN/A

This scenario has the Mariners cutting ties with Hisashi Iwakuma, Munenori Kawasaki, Miguel Olivo, and Chone Figgins. This scenario also lives under the assumption that the Mariners will find options to replace both Justin Smoak and Mike Carp. It also has Ryan and Thames on a very short leashes. I believe the Mariners are going to use the offseason to acquire 1-2 impact bats. Major League ready, proven but young, impact bats. 1st base, 3rd base, and one of the corner outfield spots figure to potential upgrade positions as the team moves into the offseason.

Going through potential trade candidates can be a delcate process, and one that it’s extremely difficult to do. So with that in mind, I’ll go team to team and post players that the Mariners may be interested in, players that are acquirable (AL tonight and NL tomorrow).



New York

Tampa Bay


Chicago White Sox



Kansas City





There are other players that are available, but are you really willing to give up King Felix, because that is the price tag for those kind of players. There is one player I would even consider trading Felix for right now and that is Mike Trout and I can guarantee irrevocably that he and Bryce Harper are the only two untouchable players in the game right now.  Be prepared to lose a few pieces in the process of acquiring one of these impact bats. James Paxton, Carter Capps, Phillips Castillo, Vinnie Catricala, and pretty much any prized player outside of Jack’s list of untouchables and Jesus Montero will be up for grabs. I’m really looking forward to the tricks Jack has up his sleeve this winter.