Adam Moore’s Tenure Likely Coming To An End


Adam Moore was once the gleaming future behind the plate for the Seattle Mariners. But that was once upon a time and it’s amazing how time and disregard can tarnish even the brightest silver.

After the numbness sets in, it’s hard to work up any strong emotional reaction towards this designation for assignment. The one word that keeps coming to mind is shame. What a shame. At times, many of us have felt sympathy for Adam Moore. It’s hard to argue any other prospect has had such hard luck as Moore, his career has been wrought with injury and an apparent organizational favor to Rob Johnson. He never really took off at the big league level and every time it looked like he might, his chance was ripped away from him by some form of unjustice.

While this move doesn’t necessarily have to end his time with the Mariners, it’s hard to imagine him returning when he can move to another organization less flush with younger, more promising catching depth. Everything indicates the Mariners have moved on, so why shouldn’t he?

We’ve been through a lot together, and we have invested many of our hopes and aspirations in you. But it’s time to part ways. We have John Jaso, we have Jesus Montero, we have Hicks, Marder, Marlette, Littlewood and we’ll soon have Zunino. The organization has placed its faith elsewhere and soon enough so will the fans. Like it or not Moore has become a name of the past, and it would be impossible to look forward while still looking back.

Adam Moore was once a name of interest, he was once a above average hitting prospect who played respectable defense. But he is now 28 years old, and with that his prospect status is evaporating faster than a rain drop in the Sanoran Desert. His story isn’t necessarily a tragedy, but it is a shame. He was never really able to grasp any opportunity to shine. I wish you many fruitful endeavours as you try to find a job elsewhere, and if you choose to stay, then I hope the Mariners can find a way to get you in there.

Either way, good luck Adam Moore, you’re going to need it.