Casper Wells Making A Triumphant Return


A few weeks ago, the Seattle Mariners demoted Casper Wells in favor of releasing Chone Figgins. The move was meet with much skepticism and cynicism. The Mariners implied there was no possible way they could release Figgins, which is simply code for they were unwilling to eat the rest of his contract. Regardless, Wells was an unnecessary causality of bureaucracy and if not for a few injuries, he might still be rotting away in AAA.

Wells has been invited back, and after admitting that irregular playing time affected his performance in the bigs, he has been scorching hot.

Wells checks into today’s game with a .284/.354/.432 slash line combined with a .345 wOBA. Wells has been searing and while his BABIP is unsustainable, this is regression to the mean at this point. Expect his numbers to level out with time, but the current slash line is very close to a real representation of his true abilities.

Wells recent hot streak has earned him a wealth of playing time, bringing up the question where was this a few weeks ago? Wells was never given the chance to play and was given only opportunity to fail.

Wells deserves this playing time and the Mariners may finally be able to show the fans what they have in Casper Wells. While the outfield is still packed, and will only begin to get worse as Carp comes back from his injury, Wells is distinguishing himself as a keeper.