The No-No In Sodo


*I apologize for the lateness of my response to this recent bit of history. I have some personal matters going on in my life. I do hope that you understand. 

Such a strange series of events.

The other nights game was one of the oddest games I had witnessed in quite some time. It was odd, of course, due to it being only the 10th combined no-hitter in MLB history. But it was strange for another reason. Last night was the first time I have watched a baseball game in a very long time, without tirelessly analyzing it.

I took in a baseball game because I was entertained. I wasn’t studiously observing every aspect of our team in some attempt to put a draft post together later that night or later this week, I just watched. The game captivated me. I didn’t care that Pryor just walked back-to-back batters and how that could begin to shape him as a player, all I cared about was getting out of that inning with the no-hitter still in tact. I didn’t care that League desperately needed that outing to prove that he can still pitch in tight situations. I didn’t care that Wedge made a couple of head scratching decisions. I only cared about winning. I only cared about the no-no. I only cared about watching this small piece of history unfold.

The analysis, the tireless observation didn’t mean anything to me. After Millwood exited in the 6th inning, it was such an interesting turn of events I couldn’t help but to be captivated by the moment. I have never watched a no-hitter start-to-finish. Sure, just as many of you I have been privy to live tune-ins and replays from ESPN or I’ve seen the last outs of Randy Johnson and his perfect games, and I’ve seen the last few outs of Santana’s, Sanchez’s, and others no-hitters, but never have I viewed a performance in it’s entirety.

Last night was one of the rarest feats in all of baseball. There have been 276 no-hitters thrown in major league history, 10 have been of the combined variety. Mariners fans witnessed something extremely special last night. Say what you want about the Mariners lacking entertainment value these last several years, and say what you want about having never been the World Series. I can’t argue the second, but as for the first topic I would argue that to the death. Mariners fans have experienced things very few fan bases can also claim. Ichiro’s record breaking season, 116 wins, and combined no-no’s don’t add up to a world champoinship, but they have kept us tuned in these last 11 years.