Random Thoughts On a 21 Run Onslaught


I happened to be visiting some family as this game kicked off. I had initially forgotten the start time until my father asked me what the score was.

Then the fun set in.

I pulled whipped out my Android and smirked in disbelief.

“It’s 8-0 Dad.”

The fun only continued from there. Eagerly checking my phone, I was constantly shouting updates into the dining room as the game progressed. 11-0, 14-0, 17-0. I have never had such a great time not watching a Mariners game.

This has been one of the most abysmal, impossible to watch offenses these past 5 years. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The Mariners poured it on. It was a rare sight and a sight I’m not sure I have ever seen from the guys in blue. Even Miguel Olivo couldn’t help but join in on this offensive explosion.

A couple years ago the Rangers destroyed the Orioles 30 to something. You don’t seem to remember the other number in those situations. It’s rather ironic that a team with an Oriole-like-offense turned around and scored 21 against them.

Even in the Mariners high scoring games this year, they felt rather boring. Whether is be station to station, nickle and dime, or a singles attack, the Mariners have scored a lot of runs without being all that entertaining. Last night however, offered a different story. The Mariners played exciting baseball, exciting offense. The homers and doubles were a plenty.

Games like this are such a rare treat, when I think back upon this season I will think about this game. And I didn’t even get to watch it.